How to link your gas connection with Aadhar card?

By | January 25, 2017

Nowadays, it is very much important for every Indian citizen to connect their Aadhar card with the gas connection. If the user already connects to your bank account with the gas connection, you are now eligible to join the gas regard to the Aadhar card. It is essential for the people in day to day life. In many of the rural and tribal areas still the people using the fuel to cook instead of gas. For those individuals who are struggling to use fuel here is the new facility allocated by the government of India for the people.

Link Aadhar card to Bank account

The LPG for the people is very much important in day to day life. Without the gas, it is impossible to image the way created by the people for a long time. The government has announced the scheme called LPG subsidy which brings out the rage in recent days among the people. Individuals who are all chosen for the subsidy will have the advantage under the scheme of PAHAL. If any of the Indian citizens will opt for the subsidy, they will get the benefit as the amount will be credited to the bank account. For this purpose, we have to ensure that the Aadhar card is linked to the bank account or not. It can be complete through the offline or online process. Thus the online mode helps you out by just clicking the link through the internet banking. On the other side that the offline mode will help you out by completing the application form by just written.

LPG Subsidy credit in your account

Some of the procedure to be followed by the users is

  • Once the subsidy is registered for the user, the user will receive the permanent advance in their account.
  • It is said to be the one time deposit where in the future you don’t need to pay any cash for the cylinder.
  • On the other side, those who are not under the scheme of LPG subsidy will have to pay the market price during the time buying the cylinder.
  • The users who are all under the subsidy grants fail to pay the money for cylinder will be adjusted from the deposit.

 Procedure of linking Aadhar card to LPG

There is a simple process for the people who want to apply for the LPG linked with Aadhar card

  • First of all download the form from the given link
  • After getting the application, people should download the printout and fill the required details.
  • Then after completing the application just take it to the nearest LPG distributor.

These are the primary process that everyone should be followed for the Aadhar card link to the LPG connection. People can also do by using the above link. Also, there is another option for the individuals who are struggling to do with online or offline. People can also connect the Aadhar card to LPG via call center, post, SMS, IVRS and much more options are there for the people to utilize.

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    1. Stew

      a police union took out a full-page newspaper adesntieemvrt last week warning that aadhar card Camden would become a “living hell” if layoffs were not averted.Is this a warning or a threat? I can’t tell.

  1. Bhanu

    Where to apply for my lost aadhar card.I dont have any details that were present in my lost aadhar card.Answer me this would be helpful


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