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By | March 27, 2017

In recent days, the important thing is to submit in all the time is eaadhar card. Yes, it is playing the major role among the people in all the way. For the information, you want to submit your aadhar card for all the government needs. It is mainly considering as the major identity card to submit for many proof verification. So people who are all struggling to get the Aadhar card can get the eaadhar in via online and you can also download then take print out for the future reference.

Take print of EAadhar card:eaadhar gov in

We mentioned earlier that the Aadhar card is very important to submit for all the official usage like for getting the bank loan, applying for the passport and much more. It is very much important to know that how the Aadhar card is playing the vital role in day to day life. Yes, it is very simple to get the E-Aadhar card which is mainly for all the usage work. After all, you just need to enter the 12 number of enrollment and get the e Aadhar card in for the further daily usage for the important purpose.

How to download the EAadhar card by name & Enrolment number

People who are all struggling to get the information regarding download the Eaadhar card can follow the important instructions given here. It is very easy that by just entering the name and the enrollment number you can easily get the Eaadhar card for the important purpose. For those people who are all struggling to get the aadhar card can follow the below instructions.

  1. First of all, the user must visit the official website UIDAI(eaadhar gov in).
  2. Once the website is open, the page will be appearing with lots of empty boxes to fill.
  3. Now the user can enter the Enrollment ID.
  4. Then make it to the next step to fill the name.
  5. It will be asking for the pin code to fill according to the information.
  6. Then enter the code available in the image
  7. Now enter the registered mobile number
  8. Finally, click the one-time password button.
  9. You will receive the OTP code to the registered number.
  10. Then enter that code number in the Enter OTP number
  11. Now you are ready to download the Aadhar card

These are the important steps to download the E aadhar card by using the name and enrollment number.

How to “Download Duplicate E Aadhar Card in” UID online – “e-aadhar card”

Get eAadhar card – Download duplicate UID EAadhaar card in copy online with the complete stepwise details of downloading the card

Download duplicate EAADHAR in online by visiting eaadhar gov in is very easy and simple, UIDAI website gives you the option to download the duplicate copy of Aadhar Card online. If you have lost your AADHAAR card or you have not received your AADHAAR card on your postal address, but you have got the SMS confirmation on your mobile that “Aadhar Card is Processed Successfully”, you can easily download the Aadhar Card online.

The downloaded duplicate Aadhar Card has the same validity as original Aadhar card and also it is acceptable as an identity proof and address proof wherever original Aadhar Card is acceptable.

You need the AADHAR Number or credentials highlighted over the Aadhar card acknowledgement slip received at the time of enrolment to download duplicate Aadhar Card online and in case you have lost the slip, click Aadhar Card Enrolment Slip Lost.

Steps to download the duplicate EAadhar Card copy online

  • Open the e-aadhar(eaadhar gov in) website
  • Fill the registration details like Enrolment Number, Date and Time, Name of resident and Pin Code highlighted over the enrolment acknowledgement slip (If you know your Aadhar Number, then under the head ”I have” select “Aadhar”
  • After filling the complete details, click on “Get One Time Password” and you will receive the OTP at your registered mobile number and email ID
  • Now enter the OTP received at your mobile/ email to “Enter OTP” and afterwards click on Validate & Download.
  • Now a new page will open with the option “Download Aadhar Card”. You will get the PDF copy of your ADHAAR Card downloaded at your system and then you will have enter the pin code of your residence to open the Duplicate Aadhar Card in PDF format. You can take the print out of it and use it as identity and address proof on the place of Original Aadhar Card.

How To Remove Eaadhar Password:

There are two methods for removing eaadhar password.They are

  1. Removing eaadhar card password online.
  2. Removing eaadhar password offline.

1 ) Removing eaadhar password Online :

For removing eaadhar card password online you need to follow the below simple steps :

  1. First goto
  2. Then drag and drop your eaadhar card PDF file or click on choose file and upload your eaadhar card pdf file as show in the below image.


3.Now Check the square box there to agree their terms and conditions and click on unlock PDF.

4.Now enter your postal/Zip code that you have submitted for aadhar enrollment and press enter or click on              Really Unlock.


5.Now click on the down arrow symbol or download symbol as shown in the below figure and save it on                   your computer.



 2 ) Removing eaadhar Password By Offline Method :

There are two methods for removing eaadhar password offline:

1.By PDF Write Method :

1.Download the PDF writer from the internet.

2.Then open your eaadhar card with PDF writer and type your postal code as password and press enter.

3.Then goto SECURITY menu and click on REMOVE SECURITY.


4.Then save the eaadhar card PDF.

2.PDF Printer Method :

1.Download and install DoPDF from

2.Then open the eaadhar card PDF file in any PDF reader like adobe reader and enter your postal code as password.

3.Then goto File –> Print –> Save the file with new name as shown in below image.


After downloading EAadhar Card, it can be possible that some information reflecting over it like name and address are not accurate. It happens and that is the possible cause of filling wrong information at the time of enrolment. But no worries, UIDAI facilitates to Update Aadhaar Card in just simple and easy steps.

If you have not yet applied for the Aadhar Card, then go for it right now. Just Click on: Aadhar Card Online Application

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