Benefits of Aadhaar card and most important uses

By | January 23, 2017

Aadhar is the program launched in the year 2009 by having the primary objective of giving the universal identity to every resident Indian. Many of the Indians don’t know the benefits of the Aadhar card, then how and where to use it properly. The importance of Aadhar card is increasing day to day; it is not only useful but is mandatory for all the Indians to get the benefits of the government scheme and mainly eliminates the corruption. Aadhar card gives the unique number for the entire citizen which stores the personal details of the individual in the government database, which helps to connect the government directly instead of contacting the intermediate.

 Benefits of Aadhar card:

Benefits of Aadhar card is numerous and has meaningful use such as

Aadhar card based LPG subsidy – The 12 digit Aadhar number helps to get the LPG subsidy amount directly into the bank account; this scheme is named as PAHAL. To get this benefit contact the area distributor and get the Aadhar number linked to 17 LPG consumer number. All these things avoid the possibility of fraudulent claims.

For Jan Dhan Yojana – For Jan Dhan Yojana only accepts the Aadhar as the only necessary document to open the bank account, there are some benefits offered such as RuPay Card, Zero balance saving account and so on.

Passport in 10 days – This is the most significant advantage that you can receive the passport in 10 days, where the police verification will take some time to complete the process. Aadhar card is mandatory to obtain the Passport; this is the new government rule that has been released.

Digital Locker – Digital Locker is the system published by the government to keep the document safer in the locker, to use this beneficial scheme 12 digit Aadhar is necessary to utilize it. It helps most of the people to store all the documents safer on the government server, in this, you can share only the e-signed documents rather than submitting the physically signed documents.

Voter Card Linking – This scheme has started in the year 2015, to link the Aadhar card number with the vote ID, so that the bogus voters will be avoided and the multiple vote ID gets eliminated using for an illegal purpose. For the registration requires the particular person has to hold the aadhar card to be physically present in the polling booth for the linking purpose.

Monthly Pension – Monthly Pension is the process that all the select states have to register with the Aadhar card number to the respective department to receive the pension. This move is to eliminate the fraudulent incidents happens everywhere.

Opening new bank account – For Opening new bank account Aadhar card number is the essential document for a new account. If the address in the Aadhar card is a same as another proof, it is crucial to submit the paper; there is no need of providing the bunch of document for opening the new account.

Scholarship – Students applying for the scholarship should have the Aadhar card linked with the bank account, it is mandatory for the selected Indian states.

SEBI – Aadhar card is now accepted as the proof by the Securities and Exchange Board of India for investing in the stock market.

Provident Fund – This scheme for only, who links the Aadhar card to their pension accounts will be provided a Provident Fund.


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