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What is an Aadhar Card? Well, it is the present-day Unique Identification Proof which is given by the Indian Government, to all of the citizens living in India. ‘Aadhar’ is the Unique Identification of a person, residing in India. For those who aren’t aware of Aadhar Card, it consists of 12 digit numbers which are unique for all and hence, differentiating you from rest of the Indian citizens. The status of the Aadhar Card can note through this unique number, by accessing the official website of the UIDAI. You can also check the status, by using the link of the official website of the UIDAI provides below, click thereon link:


Advantages/Benefits Of Aadhar Card :

Indian Government is planning to use Aadhar India not only for the identity but also for the various other important purposes. Some of the uses are:

  1. In several places and all government departments various documentary proof is required, but, the Aadhar will reduce the burden of many identity proofs.
  2. To open a ‘bank account’ or to operate a current account, now it’s mandatory to submit your Aadhar Number, to your bank officials. So, RBI can easily find out all the bank account of a person.
  3. Aadhar Card linked to a bank account will set LPG Subsidy directly to their bank account.
  4. Under the Prime Minister’s ‘Jhan Dhan Yojana,’ Aadhar is used as the main document evidence, to open a ‘bank account.’
  5. Aadhar would also serve as a ‘license.’
  6. The Income Tax Authority of India has planned to use UIN as PAN Card.
  7. For various monetary transaction providing UIN detail, would be necessary, which reduce the ‘black money’ transfer.
  8. Various types of duplication of data and fake identities created by frauds for a long time, in India, for their individual benefits, can be stopped with the help of UIN.
  9. Aadhar India, as it contains all required data of a person, there is no need to submit or provide personal details again and again.


Disadvantages Of Aadhar Card :

  1. Aadhar does not include ‘swiping system.’
  2. During Elections, there are possibilities of misusing the votes of illiterate peoples.
  3. Finding of personal details of a person will be easier, which is unsafe regarding privacy.
  4. Aadhar India project is also accomplished, by some private and foreign companies; hence, the individual data of people will not be safe.
  5. If this Aadhar Card is used for bank transactions or ATM & Debit Cards, it will be easier for the frauds, which live in the society, to misuse them.
  6. It is not easy to cover those populations, who live in India, who does not have any identity cards or proofs like SC, ST, and socially backward people, etc.,
  7. ‘Centralization of Data’, will turn to be a danger in future. The safety of data and information, as it expected to keep as ‘electronic computer database,’ will not be safe as our government facing hacking of our computer network data.
  8. Aadhar has used for ‘infants’ also, as there is a chance for misusing it.


  1. vishal

    yah in india everyone must have an aadhar card as it is getting linked to all other govt/pvt works and offices.

    1. Kelli

      Awesome blog! Thanks for your great review on the aadhar card but it is the basic identity for every indian so it must contain with every one.

  2. Loree

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