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How to Find Enrolment Number by Your Name

Have you lost your Aadhar card??? Don’t worry,  you can easily download your eAadhar from our website. But you need Enrollment number to download eAadhar. Here we are writing a simple guide to retrieving Enrollment number. If you want to receive your EID number to your registered mobile, then please follow the below steps.


Mandatory Things :

  • Access to your registered mobile number

Please follow the below steps carefully :

  1. Please go to the official site of UIDAI
  2. Then select “Enrolment No” for EID from the menu.
  3. Enter your details like Full Name and phone number there.
  4. Also you need to fill security code and click on “Get OTP” button.
  5. You will receive an OTP to your mobile, enter the OTP  in the box and next click on “Verify OTP” button.
  6. After some time you will get a SMS with your Enrollment number on your mobile.
  7. Now you can download your eAadhar with the help of EID number.

How to Verify Your Aadhar Card by Aadhar Number 2017

Got your aadhar card recently ?? then you have to verify it. Aadhar verification process is very important for everyone as well as UIDAI. By verifying your aadhar cards,UIDAI easily detects fake/duplicate Aadhar Cards. So please verify your Aadhar Card first and know whether your Aadhar is original or not.


Follow the below steps to verify Aadhar Card :

  1. Go to the official site of UIDAI i.e
  2. There enter your Aadhar (UID) number in the box.
  3. Now enter the security code that appears to you and click on “Verify” button.
  4. If your Aadhar number is genuine/original then you will get a success messages on your screen or else you will get an error message.


Lost / Misplaced Your AADHAR Card? Apply for Duplicate AADHAR Card

How to get new Aadhar Card if the old one is lost/ misplaced:

People are struggling more by losing the Aadhar Card; there is nothing to worry for the thing to be worried, there is the solution given by the government for this kind of problems. If you have your AADHAR card number or acknowledgment slip off that given during the time of registration will help you to download the duplicate AADHAR card, which has the validity as the original one.
As we know Aadhar Card is the essential role in all the places in India and it becomes the necessary document for everyone. In case you did not have the AADHAR card number and acknowledgment slip given during the registration, there is the another solution for this problem and some of the steps to be followed are
• Go to the link of
• Then select the appropriate option of ‘Aadhar card number’ or ‘Enrollment number’ under the reason to receive your lost
• Enter your full name and email address then along with the registered phone number
• After that enter the captcha shown in the image correctly
• Then click on to the ‘Get OTP ‘option to receive them in the phone number
• After getting the OTP, enter them accurately to verify you OTP code
• Then you will receive the message of AADHAR card number
• Then you can go to the website of
• Select the option of ‘Aadhar card number’ or ‘Enrollment number’ that you have
• Then click on to the OTP option to get them
• OTP code will be delivered to your mobile number or into the registered mail ID
• Enter the OTP that you have received on your mobile in the ‘Enter OTP box’ and then click on to the option of ‘Validate and Download.’
• After that, you will get your e-AADHAR card and take a printout it finally.

Otherwise a contact UIDAI through the toll free number available and asks for your AADHAR card by providing them your name, DOB, address, phone number, etc. By contacting them about you lost AADHAR card, they can assist you by providing the duplicate card to your registered to the email id or to the address that you have registered.
If you are not able to contact the UIDAI through the phone or email, then you can communicate with the nearby AADHAAR card regional office regarding your complaint by having all the documents needed. It will be a bit tricky to get the duplicate AADHAR card if you don’t have the acknowledgment slip provided during the process of registration, there only fewer centers available to get the duplicate card.

Here is the details that may help you to get the solution for this problem by calling the toll free number of 1800-300-1947 or by sending the mail to and explain the problem to them, still now the official website is not updated to get the new AADHAR card again. These things will give you the better solution for your problems to get the duplicate AADHAR card.

How to link your gas connection with Aadhar card?

Nowadays, it is very much important for every Indian citizen to connect their Aadhar card with the gas connection. If the user already connects to your bank account with the gas connection, you are now eligible to join the gas regard to the Aadhar card. It is essential for the people in day to day life. In many of the rural and tribal areas still the people using the fuel to cook instead of gas. For those individuals who are struggling to use fuel here is the new facility allocated by the government of India for the people.

Link Aadhar card to Bank account

The LPG for the people is very much important in day to day life. Without the gas, it is impossible to image the way created by the people for a long time. The government has announced the scheme called LPG subsidy which brings out the rage in recent days among the people. Individuals who are all chosen for the subsidy will have the advantage under the scheme of PAHAL. If any of the Indian citizens will opt for the subsidy, they will get the benefit as the amount will be credited to the bank account. For this purpose, we have to ensure that the Aadhar card is linked to the bank account or not. It can be complete through the offline or online process. Thus the online mode helps you out by just clicking the link through the internet banking. On the other side that the offline mode will help you out by completing the application form by just written.

LPG Subsidy credit in your account

Some of the procedure to be followed by the users is

  • Once the subsidy is registered for the user, the user will receive the permanent advance in their account.
  • It is said to be the one time deposit where in the future you don’t need to pay any cash for the cylinder.
  • On the other side, those who are not under the scheme of LPG subsidy will have to pay the market price during the time buying the cylinder.
  • The users who are all under the subsidy grants fail to pay the money for cylinder will be adjusted from the deposit.

 Procedure of linking Aadhar card to LPG

There is a simple process for the people who want to apply for the LPG linked with Aadhar card

  • First of all download the form from the given link
  • After getting the application, people should download the printout and fill the required details.
  • Then after completing the application just take it to the nearest LPG distributor.

These are the primary process that everyone should be followed for the Aadhar card link to the LPG connection. People can also do by using the above link. Also, there is another option for the individuals who are struggling to do with online or offline. People can also connect the Aadhar card to LPG via call center, post, SMS, IVRS and much more options are there for the people to utilize.

How to link Pan Card with Aadhar Card:

Pan Card and Aadhar Card are the most important identity documents for the individuals and that act as the powerful tool to find the fraudulent happing in the transactions. Pan Card is a mandatory document for all the tax payers in India. The government has to release the instruction to the certain documents; this is the one among them. Some people still don’t know how to link the pan card with the Aadhar card; here there are the instructions to connect them. Aadhar Card is the one gets compared with all the other documents because it contains the complete details of the individual to track the details. The only intention to link all the documents is to avoid all the fraudulent. Here are the certain steps to connect the pan card with the Aadhar card.


  • Register yourself with the e-Filling form which is available on the website of the income tax department by clicking the below link.

  • If you have already completed the registration, then login to the site using the login ID and password.
  • Once you have logged in the window will pop up the link to connect pan card with UID.
  • After these steps, all the details registered will appear automatically.
  • Verify all the details and compare all the things mentioned are similar to the Aadhar card.
  • If all the details entered are correct then go on to the “link now” button.
  • After completing all these steps within the few seconds, message will appear on the screen that you have completely connected your PAN and UID.

Advantages of linking Pan Card with Aadhar Card:

There are many benefits in linking the Pan Card with Aadhar Card for both as an individual and the government

  • It helps to prevent all the tax evasion and all the taxable transactions are kept under the scrutiny
  • The linking procedure will avoid all the multiple PAN card issues
  • Government can link any identity firm with the Aadhar card
  • It helps to file all the e-returns faster
  • If this linking process is done, then you no need to submit the income tax acknowledgment to IT
  • The linking process is involved in the passport too and gets implemented in some passport Seva Kendra’s

Now a day’s, Aadhar card is linked to the entire document like vote ID, Passport, LPG subsidies and so on, mainly involved in the process of avoiding all the distractions happening. Aadhar card is applicable for all the people issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India serves as the proof of identity. Some government schemes are available, to make use of all the things 12 digit Aadhar card is essential to utilize all this stuff. This mandatory Aadhar card scheme is helpful to track all the unwanted things especially in avoiding the black money.

I hope the provided information is helpful to you while linking your Aadhar card with pan card. Suppose if you have any doubts while doing this process, you can clarify it by posting comments.

Benefits of Aadhaar card and most important uses

Aadhar is the program launched in the year 2009 by having the primary objective of giving the universal identity to every resident Indian. Many of the Indians don’t know the benefits of the Aadhar card, then how and where to use it properly. The importance of Aadhar card is increasing day to day; it is not only useful but is mandatory for all the Indians to get the benefits of the government scheme and mainly eliminates the corruption. Aadhar card gives the unique number for the entire citizen which stores the personal details of the individual in the government database, which helps to connect the government directly instead of contacting the intermediate.

 Benefits of Aadhar card:

Benefits of Aadhar card is numerous and has meaningful use such as

Aadhar card based LPG subsidy – The 12 digit Aadhar number helps to get the LPG subsidy amount directly into the bank account; this scheme is named as PAHAL. To get this benefit contact the area distributor and get the Aadhar number linked to 17 LPG consumer number. All these things avoid the possibility of fraudulent claims.

For Jan Dhan Yojana – For Jan Dhan Yojana only accepts the Aadhar as the only necessary document to open the bank account, there are some benefits offered such as RuPay Card, Zero balance saving account and so on.

Passport in 10 days – This is the most significant advantage that you can receive the passport in 10 days, where the police verification will take some time to complete the process. Aadhar card is mandatory to obtain the Passport; this is the new government rule that has been released.

Digital Locker – Digital Locker is the system published by the government to keep the document safer in the locker, to use this beneficial scheme 12 digit Aadhar is necessary to utilize it. It helps most of the people to store all the documents safer on the government server, in this, you can share only the e-signed documents rather than submitting the physically signed documents.

Voter Card Linking – This scheme has started in the year 2015, to link the Aadhar card number with the vote ID, so that the bogus voters will be avoided and the multiple vote ID gets eliminated using for an illegal purpose. For the registration requires the particular person has to hold the aadhar card to be physically present in the polling booth for the linking purpose.

Monthly Pension – Monthly Pension is the process that all the select states have to register with the Aadhar card number to the respective department to receive the pension. This move is to eliminate the fraudulent incidents happens everywhere.

Opening new bank account – For Opening new bank account Aadhar card number is the essential document for a new account. If the address in the Aadhar card is a same as another proof, it is crucial to submit the paper; there is no need of providing the bunch of document for opening the new account.

Scholarship – Students applying for the scholarship should have the Aadhar card linked with the bank account, it is mandatory for the selected Indian states.

SEBI – Aadhar card is now accepted as the proof by the Securities and Exchange Board of India for investing in the stock market.

Provident Fund – This scheme for only, who links the Aadhar card to their pension accounts will be provided a Provident Fund.



What is an Aadhar Card? Well, it is the present-day Unique Identification Proof which is given by the Indian Government, to all of the citizens living in India. ‘Aadhar’ is the Unique Identification of a person, residing in India. For those who aren’t aware of Aadhar Card, it consists of 12 digit numbers which are unique for all and hence, differentiating you from rest of the Indian citizens. The status of the Aadhar Card can note through this unique number, by accessing the official website of the UIDAI. You can also check the status, by using the link of the official website of the UIDAI provides below, click thereon link:


Advantages/Benefits Of Aadhar Card :

Indian Government is planning to use Aadhar India not only for the identity but also for the various other important purposes. Some of the uses are:

  1. In several places and all government departments various documentary proof is required, but, the Aadhar will reduce the burden of many identity proofs.
  2. To open a ‘bank account’ or to operate a current account, now it’s mandatory to submit your Aadhar Number, to your bank officials. So, RBI can easily find out all the bank account of a person.
  3. Aadhar Card linked to a bank account will set LPG Subsidy directly to their bank account.
  4. Under the Prime Minister’s ‘Jhan Dhan Yojana,’ Aadhar is used as the main document evidence, to open a ‘bank account.’
  5. Aadhar would also serve as a ‘license.’
  6. The Income Tax Authority of India has planned to use UIN as PAN Card.
  7. For various monetary transaction providing UIN detail, would be necessary, which reduce the ‘black money’ transfer.
  8. Various types of duplication of data and fake identities created by frauds for a long time, in India, for their individual benefits, can be stopped with the help of UIN.
  9. Aadhar India, as it contains all required data of a person, there is no need to submit or provide personal details again and again.


Disadvantages Of Aadhar Card :

  1. Aadhar does not include ‘swiping system.’
  2. During Elections, there are possibilities of misusing the votes of illiterate peoples.
  3. Finding of personal details of a person will be easier, which is unsafe regarding privacy.
  4. Aadhar India project is also accomplished, by some private and foreign companies; hence, the individual data of people will not be safe.
  5. If this Aadhar Card is used for bank transactions or ATM & Debit Cards, it will be easier for the frauds, which live in the society, to misuse them.
  6. It is not easy to cover those populations, who live in India, who does not have any identity cards or proofs like SC, ST, and socially backward people, etc.,
  7. ‘Centralization of Data’, will turn to be a danger in future. The safety of data and information, as it expected to keep as ‘electronic computer database,’ will not be safe as our government facing hacking of our computer network data.
  8. Aadhar has used for ‘infants’ also, as there is a chance for misusing it.

Download Aadhar card without OTP

Aadhar card and its uses

Aadhar card is the most important identity card for every Indian citizen, and it is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which is a central government agency of India. This main motto of this organization is to accumulate demographic data and biometrics of every Indian and store it in the centralized database. As per the data, they give a unique 12 digit identification number which is considered as Aadhar number. Aadhar card is the world’s largest national identification project launched in 2009. Now a day, Aadhar card is mandatory for all purposes such as central & state government exams, passport verification, LPG subsidy, voter card linking, digital locker, monthly pension, open new bank account, etc.

How To Get Aadhar card without OTP :

In this article, I am going to give sufficient information to download your Aadhar card without One Time Password (OTP). I think this message will be very useful for you when you lost your Aadhar card. So I request you to read this entire article to gather more information regarding Aadhar card.

OTP verification is the necessary step in almost all online process for privacy and protection. Likewise, OTP verification is the most important process in downloading Aadhar card which is well known to everyone. So kindly note that you can’t download your Aadhar card without doing OTP verification process.

You want to download Aadhar card without OTP process because you didn’t register your mobile number during the time of enrolment process. In such case, you have to go to the enrollment center to register your mobile number. Suppose you can’t access your registered mobile number to download Aadhar card, you want to get it without OTP process. But it is not possible. There is no way to go for the online process to get an e-Aadhar card.

In future, if you face the problems given above, don’t get tensed. We are here to help you by providing best services to all individuals. You can read this article to download your Aadhar card without struggling much. Let me explain how to download Aadhar card by registering new mobile number.

Process to Download Aadhar card after Registering Mobile Number

  • Initially, you have to register your mobile number if you are not recorded at the time of enrolment. Suppose you can’t access the registered mobile number, you can update new contact number.
  • Both the process can be easily done through online. After completing updating process, you can receive OTP to your mobile through SMS
  • Now you have to go for the self-service update portal using the link
  • Then you have to enter the Aadhar number and enter the text verification and click on the Send OTP button to receive OTP on your mobile number
  • Now you have entered the OTP number in the respective box as soon as possible
  • After that, you can go for update details option from which you can update your mobile number, change the spelling of your name if necessary
  • Finally, you have to upload the scanned copy of required documents only then the updating process will complete successfully, and you can download your Aadhar card after three days.

Check Aadhar card status online

The central government agency named Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is providing Aadhar card to all Indian citizens. The main motto of this organization is to collect the bio metrics of 10 fingers, eye iris, and demographic data of all individuals. This agency is maintaining all the data’s in the centralized database and they provide the 12-digit unique identification number to all Indian people and it is considered as the Aadhar number. Aadhar card is one of the most important national identity proofs for all purposes such as passport verification, central government, and state government exams, etc.

Aadhar card Status Online Check:

Here I am going to provide lots more method to check your Aadhar card status through online. So I request you to read this article thoroughly to get valuable information. The individuals can check the status of Aadhar card using official website of UIDAI. Otherwise, you can check through your mobile phones via SMS. But this method is possible only when your mobile number is registered in Aadhar card. Also, the people can check the Aadhar card status using your name.

Let me explain the each and every method clearly.

Check the status of Aadhar card using your enrolment ID:

After applying for Aadhar card, you can receive it within three months. Suppose if you didn’t receive your Aadhar within the time limit, you could post the requisition letter to Aadhar card office or collectors’ office.

The following steps are useful for you to check the Aadhar status by enrollment number

  • Initially, you have to visit the official website of UIDAI
  • Bottom of the home page you can find Aadhar online services there you need to go for link which is used to check your status of Aadhar card.
  • Then the new tab will open there you have to enter 14-digit enrollment number with correct date and time.
  • Now you can check the status of your Aadhar card by clicking check status button

Check Aadhar card by name :

If you lost your enrollment ID, you could test the status of Aadhar card using your name, mobile number, and Email

  • Firstly you have to go for the link
  • At the top left corner, you can find a message like “You want to receive your lost,” there you have to select the radio button named Aadhar No (UID)
  • Then you are required to enter your name, Email, mobile number in the respective boxes
  • Now you have to fill security code as it is in the above-given image and click on the Get OTP button to receive One Time Password to your mobile
  • After clicking on the Get OTP button, you will receive OTP to your mobile via SMS
  • Within few seconds you have to enter the four-digit OTP in the given box otherwise that OTP will be considered as invalid
  • Enter the received OTP as soon as possible and click the verify OTP button
  • Finally, you will receive enrollment ID to your mobile so that you can quickly check your Aadhar car status using EID

Note: You can also test the status of Aadhar card using Aadhar number. The process is same as the above.




Aadhar Card App Alternative UMANG App

Nowadays people are very much aware of following the millions of applications by downloading on their devices for various purposes. For the information, there are many apps related to the Aadhar card where the people often use to download the applications. On the other side, people use to download the unofficial apps which are not available legally in the app store. It may cause harm to your Android or iOS device. For this purpose, the government of India is ready to launch the app called UMANG for the public use very soon. It is said to be the official Aadhar application.

About UMANG :

As per the recent official information, the application UMANG will launch by the government very soon in India for the public use. It expands as a Unified Mobile app for New age Governance. This application has many features with the full number of benefits for the users. It supports mainly to the mobile phones. It is considering the best use even before the release that the application will provide you the government related information and services at any time of usage by the user. At a time this application helps to provide more than hundreds of services.

Smart Application :

According to the recent official information, the app will launch very soon with 18 different Indian languages for the people. It will help all the people who are all across the India in various states. Those who are struggling to know the English language can also use this application by using their language. It is termed as the best application which will launch by the government. After the launch people need not download the app regarding the Aadhar card unofficially. By using this application, people can spend their valuable time for the government offices without visiting there directly in a just application. It is supposed to come up with more than hundred services for the people during the launch.

Important information :

It is going to come out with the best features as well as the applications on the public platform. The application will help to store all the personal information of the users. So the user no needs to enter often their details. The application will have identification keys with Aadhar card. Along with this Aadhar card there you can check out other proofs as well. According to the government statement, the application will roll out soon.

Features of Umang :

Thus the main features of the UMANG app are users can share any of the document and files to the government officers of India through this application. On this note, it will save your time instead of visiting directly to the office. The developers of this application are very much confident about this app for the launch. It has many features when compared to the other unofficial applications. It will be one of safest application which works under the number of tasks regarding the Aadhar card. It also works for the other government services. For further more updates and information regarding the UMANG app follow this website.